Vein Dilation System

Innovative vein dilation system for hemodialysis patients.

The Amplifi Vein Dilation System is designed to stimulate arm vein enlargement in hemodialysis patients using rapid, non-pulsatile blood flow. The Amplifi System aims to increase eligibility for arteriovenous fistula (AVF) surgery, reduce AVF maturation failure, and prolong AVF patency*. The system under development is a wearable, external blood pump with inflow and outflow catheters, and a controller with a rechargeable battery. The Amplifi System is used for up to 14 days and is removed during AVF creation.

Prepare Vein.

The National Kidney Foundation recommends AVF as the preferred form of vascular access for most hemodialysis patients.17 However, many patients have small veins, making them ineligible for AVF or at high risk of AVF maturation failure.18,19 Artio’s vein dilation device has the potential to increase the number of patients who are eligible for an AVF and decrease the risk of maturation failure.

Prolong Intervention-Free Use.

Larger AVF vein diameters and increased AVF blood flow are correlated with successful AVF use.18-20 The Amplifi Vein Dilation System is designed to increase the diameter of arm veins before AVF creation, and has the potential to provide sustained and reliable vascular access for hemodialysis patients.

Protect Patient.

A reliable access site for hemodialysis provides confidence to patients and physicians that lifesaving hemodialysis treatment will be available when needed.

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Blood Pump

Wearable external blood pump

Inflow Catheter

Flexible catheter placed in the central venous system to connect to the patient’s bloodstream

Outflow Catheter

Flexible catheter inserted into the peripheral arm vein intended to be enlarged


Controller with rechargeable battery to adjust pump speed to provide additional blood flow as the vein dilates throughout the procedure

Flow Probe

Provided to adjust pump speed

Access Ports

Two access ports, one on each catheter, to enable vascular access

Want to make more AVFs and get hemodialysis catheters out?

Using the Amplifi Vein Dilation System prior to access creation could enable more patients to get an AVF and increase AVF use.

Want your AVFs to mature with fewer interventions?

AVFs created with veins pre-treated with the Amplifi Vein Dilation System may require fewer interventions to reach maturity.

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* Primary patency

The Amplifi Vein Dilation System is currently under development and is not available for sale. It is under clinical investigation in Paraguay only.