Time is of the essence when treating vascular disease.

An average adult has more than
500 million feet of blood
vessels in their body.1

Globally, there are over 190,000
peripheral vascular embolization
each year using coils,
plugs, and glue.2-5

Peripheral saccular aneurysms
tend to grow over time, and
typically require treatment when
they are 20 mm or larger.6

About Vascular Embolization

Arteries and veins in the body, like other tissues, can be damaged or become diseased. Continued blood flow through these vessels can result in life-threatening bleeding. Physicians often implant medical devices to stop blood flow into damaged or diseased vessels and redirect it into healthy vessels and tissues. This is known as a vascular embolization or occlusion procedure.

Current Treatment Options

A variety of medical devices are currently available for artery, vein, and peripheral aneurysm embolization, including small coiled metal wires (coils) and vascular plugs made of metal mesh. These devices slow the flow of blood in vessels and depend primarily on the formation of blood clot to be fully effective, which can result in slow and incomplete occlusions.11-13

Artio Medical is developing peripheral vascular embolization products.

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