Solus Flex™

Embolization Device

Optimized for device deliverability and designed for occlusion of a wide range of vessel diameters and locations.

The Solus Flex Embolization Device comprises a polymer balloon mounted on a dual catheter delivery system. It is paired with a device designed to anchor and support the balloon, provide a tight fit with the vessel, and resist device compression and migration. The implant is designed for passage through tor tortuous vessels and embolization of vessels subject to crush and bend forces. The balloon provides a solid barrier that has the potential to immediately stop blood flow and reduce the risk of vessel recanalization. After the implant system is placed, a simple manipulation of the device hub provides immediate mechanical detachment of the balloon, without the need for a handle, cables, or a box.

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Detachable polymer balloon


Independent 2.0 Fr microcatheter for 0.014" guidewire and coil passage

Delivery Catheter

Independent 3.3 Fr delivery catheter for balloon delivery, inflation, and detachment

Accessory Device

Anchoring and support device

Tired of placing multiple devices?

One Solus Flex Embolization Device has the potential to occlude a vessel.

Tired of waiting for occlusion?

The Solus Flex Embolization Device is designed to provide immediate occlusion.

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The Solus Flex Embolization Device is currently under development and is not available for sale.