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Artio Medical, Inc. (Artio) is committed to protecting its innovations through its effort in securing patent protection in the United States and other territories internationally.

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Artio Medical Embolization Products

US Patents

Solus Gold™ Embolization Device: SG30, FG0101-30, SG35-FG0101-35, SG40-FG0101-40, SG45-FG0101-45, SG50-FG0101-50, SG55-FG0101-55, SG60-FG0101-60

US Pat. No. 9,572,698
US Pat. No. 9,572,697
US Pat. No. 9,572,698
US Pat. No. 10,537,451
US Pat. No. 10,543,115
US Pat. No. 11,013,516
US Pat. No. 11,033,275
US Pat. No. 11,090,176

Amplifi™ Vein Dilation System

US Pat. No. 9,155,827
US Pat. No. 9,539,380
US Pat. No. 9,555,174
US Pat. No. 9,662,431
US Pat. No. 10,258,730
US Pat. No. 10,293,089
US Pat. No. 10,376,629
US Pat. No. 10,426,878
US Pat. No. 10,537,674
US Pat. No. 11,160,914
US Pat. No. 11,400,275 will issue on Aug. 2, 2022

One or more Patents Pending for Aneura™ Embolization System, Endura™ Embolization System, and Solus Flex™ Embolization Device.